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Obesity is one of the biggest problems of the modern world. A lot of people are looking for various ways to lose weight. Most experts advise people to gradually lose excessive weight through regular exercise and healthy diet. However, some people do not want to take the healthy and slow process and turn to surgery as an option. The lap band surgery is an option. People who undergo this surgery lose about 22% of their total weight. A lot of patients who decided to go for this surgery claim that they feel happier now and have found a new value of life. The problem these people face is that they soon regain the weight they have lost. However, there was a study conducted in Australia that people who underwent a lap band surgery did not regain weight if they followed a highly restrictive diet called 500 calorie diet.

The study

This particular study consisted of 100 people. 50 people had a lap band surgery and 50 people were on a certain diet that allowed only 400 calories. The results were pretty much the same with both groups after just half a year. However, the results were very much different after a period of two years.

The group which had the surgery lost 22% per 100 of their original weight and were a lot happier with their life. On the other hand, 50 people who were on a strict diet re-gained much of the weight they lost in the first couple of months and were only 5% per 100 underneath the initial weight. These results would encourage a lot of people to undergo the surgery instead of spending a lot of time on a diet that may not bring the wanted results.

Lap band surgery

There are a lot of people who are willing to undergo a certain surgery in order to lose weight. Lap band surgery is one such option. However, doctors agree that only people who are morbidly fat and whose BMI is around 40 should undergo this surgery. In some cases, even people whose BMI is 35 undergo the surgery but usually experience certain side effects.

On the other hand, people who were included in the study were only 50 pounds overweight and that means that there are no strict rules.Before deciding on the surgery, people should have a long chat with the doctors about all the cons and pros of the procedure they are thinking about. However, experts still agree that only morbidly fat people should undergo the lap band surgery.

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