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What can be done about obesity? Will exercises and the dietingreally work or are there some other options? What is the ultimate solution?These questions are not easily answered. The best thing for dealing with obesitywould be to do it healthy and naturally, as much as possible. This wouldinclude a serious and detailed working out schedule combined with a diet madeby a nutritionist, a diet that should be appropriate to patient's physicalstate. And of course, regular medical control of the entire organism and theweight reduction progress would be needed. This is an example of seriousdealing with weight problem, and if all the mentioned elements are present,weight will be lost.

Real problem

But the real problem occurs when a person is really tryingwith the things mentioned above and results are not showing. This might happenif there are some underlying conditions that are messing with the weight lossprocess and the basal metabolism. Also, sometimes the obesity is so extremethat exercises and dieting are a just and additional method. The main thing to dohere is surgery. Lap band surgery has been used a lot for dealing withthis kind of problem lately.

Real surgery

What are lap band surgery requirements and who can actuallyapply for this procedure? Well, it has to be said that this is a surgery and itcarries certain dangers with it. This means that if there is no actual need,people with extra weight should stick to the standard methods. But if those arenot helping, lap band surgery may be applied if next requirements are met. BMIhas to be higher than 40, minimum of extra weight should be at about 100 poundsand the age group is between 18 and 60. These are the basic requirements, and whatis also needed is dedication to go through the surgery, post op period andlater on, a constant control of the stomach must be applied. For some people,those things that come after the surgery present a bigger problem than thesurgery itself. And also, there is a matter of price. The lap band surgerycosts about 30 000 US dollars, which is not a small amount. This means thatpeople who managed to get that money for this procedure are serious about changingtheir lives completely.

The main thing that is achieved with the surgery is asmaller stomach, the one that does not allow eating too much food, the volume issimply smaller and the feeling of fullness comes after eating small amounts of food.

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