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Dealing with obesity has been developed in so many ways that today there are really many options in front of the people who have excessive weight and want to get rid of it. Obesity is a problem that can cause several issues in the organism. Those include hypertension, some heart issues, diabetes and even some psychological problems like depression. This is why obesity has to be treated.

Reducing weight

Two main methods for dealing with this problem are dieting and exercising. Those would be the most natural ones, since they revolve around the energy taken through food and spent via physical activity. But it has to be said that in certain cases, those two are not enough. People who have problems with the rate of the basal metabolism tend to lose weight a lot slower than expected even with the help of reducing weight methods. Those problems are induced by the hormonal conditions (imbalance of hormonal levels). Most common condition is hypothyroidism, with a decreased function of the thyroid gland, which directly affects the activity of basal metabolism. Also, when there is no condition present, but when obesity is extreme, exercising might not be a good idea. Perhaps only walks should be used, but nothing more intensive because it can put too much stress on the heart. Also, ankles can suffer a lot if there is too much movement involved.

Reducing weight with surgery

What can be done in those cases? The only thing left is a surgery, a lap band procedure. The procedure is based on inserting a lap band through a small incision and that band is put around the upper part of the stomach, just beneath the esophagus. This creates a smaller stomach, the one that is filled up faster and that does not allow eating too much, because the feeling of fullness comes after eating small amounts of food. This surgery is not only beneficial for weight reduction, but for some other problems as well (such as sleeping problems), although there is also a good chance of reducing hypertension and elimination of reflux issues.

It is obvious that this procedure has many benefits, but people got to have in mind that this is a surgery, and as such, it has several things to consider. Each and every surgery carries a certain risk of fatal outcome, outcome that cannot be predicted and is hard to prevent. There are also problems like nausea and vomiting that might last for a while and even complicate further. Even though side effects for lap band exist, it is still widely used today. After the surgery the lap band diet has to be used for a while, in order for a patient to fully utilize a new stomach.

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