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Landice Treadmills

The following text will be dedicated to the treadmills made by the company called Landice. This company has been established in the 1978 and it is known for top rated and high quality treadmills. Landice makes treadmills only and in seven years they have been voted for the No.1 Overall Pick by the Customer Report in America. Also, many other magazines have named them top picks, like Consumer Guide and Runners World. Success is one of the things needs for great profit, and Landice is a company which is very successful, but they have never been focused solely on the profit. Greed can be a great problem and this can be seen from the past when many companies were destroyed by greed and thrust for profit. Treadmills have provided Landice with great success but manufacture of other machines, like bikes, home gyms and ellipticals was never appealing to them. Many companies tried to build on their success and expand business, but eventually they have fallen. We can take Nordic Track for example. They proved successful in manufacture of skiing machines so they tried their luck with ellipticals and treadmills. Unfortunately, they bankrupted due to the demand of repair and service, although their name brought them certain profit in the beginning.

Frames and Sizes

We have talked about the wrong decisions of many companies whose greed has brought them nothing but disaster. But most of the companies do in the same direction as the Nordic Track. Companies which are specialized in limited capacity seem to come out victorious in the fitness industry of today. Some companies are very happy by their position in the industry in just one segment. This may even be easier for them to just focus on one aspect and maybe become the leading force in this specific area. Companies like Vectra Fitness, Octane Fitness and Landice Fitness are some of such companies. They just want to make excellent and exceptional products in one segment. If you see "bottom feeder" when you are shopping online for home fitness equipment, know that these are low quality products since the companies behind their manufacture do not care who manufactured these products, but just sell the machine under their name. Landice is one of the rare companies which allow retail sale, but only in limited capacity. Selection of retailers is done meticulously by Landice.

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