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Know How to Run

Even though running can be and is quitebeneficial for our health it can also be dangerous for us. Namely,when we have a routine of running, our body gets in shape, we boostour metabolism and are therefore healthier. Moreover, our heart andother muscles are well toned and their overall performance increasesdrastically. Still, in order for all these benefits, and many more,to be achievable, you need to know how to run properly. Many peopleare into running. However, they do it wrongly. Their posture may beinadequate, or they might be wearing unsuitable footwear. Either way,in the long run, they might regret running so much since their bonesand muscles may suffer from the negative effects of this action.Therefore, before hitting the running track, make sure you know howto do it. The following lines can help you, so read on.

Running? How?

First and foremost, while you arerunning, your head should be positioned so that you are lookingstraight ahead of you. Wrongly, many people tend to look in thedirection of the ground they are running on. However, this puts agreat stress on your neck muscles and joints, as well as bones,triggering pain later. So, in order to avoid this, keep that head uphigh.

Next are the shoulders. These shouldnot run in front of you, nor should they be competing for the lead.Rather, keep them in line, completely squared and parallel to theground. Actually, keep them in line with your head, meaning that youare supposed to hold them straight and properly.

Arms play an important role in running.Keep them loose and bent in the elbows, with your forearms parallelto the track. You should avoiding stressing your arms in any way,since they are there only to work in concordance with your feet.Thus, no fist clenching and unnecessary rigidity. Relax and let yourlegs do the business.

Of course, your torso is meant to bestraightened completely allowing an unobstructed circulation of airand blood through your body. Hips are to be straight and locked aswell. Additionally, your knees should not be raised too high sinceyou might injure your joints.

Finally, use your ankles wisely. Do notlock them as if you are running on a pair of sticks tied to yourlegs. Make sure they provide your feet a good support and enhance youroverall running effect and experience.

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