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Pregnancy Test

We will give you the some pointers on how you can successfully interpret the pregnancy test. These tests are very popular and they are one of the most reliable ways a women can determine if she is pregnant or not. Also, these tests are popular due to the fact that going to the lab is not needed. The test can be acquired at the drug store and it can be done at your home. Effectiveness in 99% of cases describes these tests as successive and reliable. But, you have to know to read the text, and since this may be a problem to some, so we will try to help you. Many factors influence the results, so you have to know which they are. But we will explain how the tests work in the first place.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the hormone that is detected by the pregnancy tests. The embryo is nourished by the placenta, which also secretes this hormone. Remember that those pregnancy tests are not efficient in the first day after the intercourse due to the fact that few days may be needed for the fertilization, for the egg to reach the uterus through the fallopian tube. It is best that the test is done once you are missing your period. The strip shows the results once the urine is placed on the test. Some manufacturers place plus sign, while others place pink lines, meaning that you are pregnant.

Factors Affecting the Results of Pregnancy Tests

When using the test kit, never use urine older than four hours and always follow the instructions to the letter. Also, know that the results will be misleading if the test is prolonged or ended early. Do the test in the time stated and never use diluted urine. Sensitivity of the test is also important. Those of 20 mIU/mL sensitivity tend to be more reliable than those of 5-100 mIU/mL sensitivity. Remember that the use of certain medications can affect the results.

False Positive and Negative Results

In some situations, you may not be pregnant but the test will say that you are. This can happen due to the early miscarriage causing the chemical pregnancy. In this situation, there will be hormones present that the test will detect. This can also happen due to the use of some medications. Although this is rare, it can occur. Time limit must be followed and if this is not done, the tests may give false results. If the hormone is not detected or if the test time was not followed and it was ended early, the test can show you are not pregnant but in fact you are. Since the level of hormones is detected by the pregnancy tests, it is a good idea to repeat the test after few days. This will help you to confirm the results.

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