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Our ribs are an extremely important part of our body. Namely, these bones present defense for most vital organs we have, keeping them safe from harm and injury. Thus, we need to have our ribs in excellent condition in order to have our organs well protected. So, once we realize that we have a bruise located in the rib area, we are bound to get worried. Well, many different things can lead to a bruised rib and the following lines will give their best to provide you with adequate insight into the matter.

What Can Lead to Bruised Ribs?

The first and most likely of all reasons is direct trauma or an injury affecting the rib area. Numerous situations can lead to this. For example, one might slip and fall, hurting the ribs, or get hit, this leading to the same bruising due to injured blood vessels. Even though it usually takes some force in order to cause bruises to our ribs, simple and apparently harmless situations like jumping in the swimming pool or falling out of the bed may be enough for this phenomenon to take place.

If the bruising is accompanied by excruciating pain, the cause may be a rib fracture. If this has happened, a person will be incapable of moving freely, enduring pain and excessive discomfort.

Additionally, bruised ribs are common in pregnancy, when they can also be painful. Namely, due to the pressure of the belly upon the rest of the abdomen, especially while sitting, ribs get hurt and bruised.

Also, physical abuse can lead to this condition. If anyone gets hit in this area, there is a high likelihood that bruises will appear. Sometimes, this can happen as a result of a sports injury to the chest. For example, if a ball hits you strongly in the chest area, the damage may transfer to the ribs, leading to bruising.

Medical Conditions behind Bruised Ribs

Some of the worst case scenarios, possibly leading to bruised ribs are leukemia, aplastic anemia, lymphoma or hemophilia. Alternatively, a person suffering from Von Willebrand's disease or fibromyalgia can have bruised ribs as a symptom too. Using steroids can also trigger this problem. Finally, people who cough a lot may expose their ribs to excessive pressure, causing bruises or even fractures.

All in all, should you experience pain, affecting you while you breathe, along with discoloration of the skin around your ribs and shortness of breath, you are advised to seek medical attention and have the area checked for injuries.

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