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Nerve Damage in Arm Characteristics

Many people experience nerve damage intheir arms due to the several different factors. Mostly, this happens dueto long-term overuse. Namely, we tend to do some things with our armsoften and excessively. In the long run, this may easily causepermanent injury to our nerves and cause us pain or decrease in thatarm's mobility. A nerve may get caught and pinched by the surroundingtissue, or it may simply be damaged due to its excessive activity.Nevertheless, a direct blow or a similar, externally inflicted damageupon someone's arm, may easily lead to the development of thiscondition too. All in all, this is a treatable state of affairs, eventhough the process of recovery may be long and troublesome.

Manifestations of Nerve Damage in Arms

Most often, excruciating pain is afrequent symptom. You may experience discomfort, irritation or evennumbness and burning sensations over the area. The worst casescenario involves a total loss of senses and a paralysis of thetroublesome limb. This signifies an advanced stage of nerve damageand is a very grim sign in dire need of immediate medical treatment.

Possible Treatment

First and foremost, you need to seekmedical assistance. Upon paying your doctor a visit, he or she willconduct a series of diagnostic tests, trying to establish the stateof nerve damage your arm is in. These tests may involve magneticresonance imaging, electromyogram and numerous other nerve tests.Upon establishing a proper diagnosis and confirming your nervedamage, the doctor will prescribe you the best treatment possible.Initially, you will be given medications in order to stop the painyou are experiencing. These might involve analgesics, someover-the-counter painkillers or some other means of pain relief.Alternatively, steroids may be administered to you in order to reduceany possible swellings affecting the area surrounding the damagednerve. More severe cases may need to involve arm immobilization andproper physical therapy. Whatever your treatment may involve, byfollowing it, you are likely to restore you arm into its previous,healthy shape. Going through with proper treatment will rule out anyunwanted physical problems like experiencing hand and armdeformities, possibility of frequent arm injuries, permanent loss ofsenses and many others. Therefore, as soon as you notice thesymptoms, you are highly advised to seek professional help since onlyby acting timely can you prevent any unwanted complications fromtaking place and affecting your arm permanently.

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