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Meal plans for athletes

Everybody wants to look their best and behealty, but the reality of that case is totally different. Meal plans for athletes are a good thing and should be looked into. However, there being a vast number of options, an individual should choose one that is best suited for her or him.

Going the Distance

A meal for those who need endurance is a lot different from the one for those who need strength for short periods of time. Triathletes and long distance runners are in the endurance category. Carbohydrates are very important in all meals. They give energy to the body that runs over long distances will definitely need. Pasta has a lot of carbohydrates. Another thing that requires attention is the glycemic index. It tells how fast the sugar from the carbohydrates will enter the bloodstream. For instance, carbohydrates which are high on the glycemic index give quick bursts of energy but that energy also fades quickly. Protein should be introduced in the meals as well, as it maintains the muscle mass and fats keep the joints lubricated.

Getting Stronger

In order to get stronger on a regular basis, a person must pay a lot more attention to the protein and to worry less about the fats and carbohydrates. Of course, a balance must be kept and other sources of nutrition cannot be neglected. One thing that most do not know is that even though protein gets those who eat it stronger, it may not be the best choice. When the protein enters the body it cannot be assimilated until it gets broken down into enzymes and other chemicals. When eaten raw and green, vegetables get the enzymes directly into the body. Vegetables provide the human body with enzymes when consumed in their raw form. Not everyone prefers vegetables, but meat is also a cause of certain concerns. The meat should be organic.

Effective Meal Plans for Athletes – The Missing Link

Proper hydration is the most important thing. Half of the body weight in ounces of water is the recommended amount that every athlete should drink on a daily basis. For those who exercise regularly, the needed amount of water can even be higher. Also, a balance between water and salt should be kept, because salt is as important.

Meal Plans for Athletes – Putting It Together

Proper eating is important, no matter what the activity. The need for healthy food is the same for both marathon runners and goalkeepers.

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