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Even though there have been many advances and new findings recently in the fields of alternative medicine and natural studies, unfortunately, there is still no real cure available for asthma, natural or otherwise.

However, there are some types of natural therapies that will help a person manage and deal with their asthma symptoms whenever they arise.

Since negative responses to emotional stress can trigger an asthma attack, there are some natural relaxation remedies such as deep abdominal breathing, muscle relaxation, guided imagery and biofeedback, which can all help to relieve stress significantly.

However, there are some other recent findings that suggest that one’s diet also plays an important role.

Foods with mega-3 fatty acids, such as fish like salmon, mackerel or cod, help to decrease inflammation that results from an asthma attack.

A generally healthy diet with lots of protein, calcium, magnesium and vitamins will boost the immune system and help in preventing almost any disease, asthma included.

It is important to remember that many of these remedies are not completely foolproof and that they should all be used with caution.

It is always important to check with the doctor first before using any kind of natural herbal supplement that is said to help with asthma attacks.

Some remedies like bee pollen could in fact trigger an attack if the person is allergic to certain plants.

It is best to always check with the doctor and to follow the regiment and treatment that he or she recommends, because ignoring recommendations from health experts could sometimes even be life threatening.

There are good natural methods that can help stem asthma attacks, even though there is no permanent treatment.

The main thing to do first in treating asthma is to get an accurate diagnosis first.

After that, the doctor will recommend treatment. It is also important to seek advice for other medical problems that could be causing the asthma to worsen.

It is also very important to eat well and to exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and talk to the doctor on a regular basis regarding the development of the asthma symptoms.

Doctors also need to give patients breathing tests regularly to track the progress of any medications that were prescribed and to see whether or not they are working at an optimal level.

The most important thing to do is to act responsibly every day and to not neglect one\'s asthma, because it is a serious problem when the patient allows it to become one, but at the same time, can be controlled by following simple and logical health guidelines.

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