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We will talk about a problemof seizures, which affects dogs. There are the several possible reasonsfor seizures among dogs, and we will discuss several of the most common ones.


The first cause we will mentionis epilepsy, which is the most common cause, and which is also the most commoncause for seizures among humans. When seizures due to epilepsy occur, loss ofconscience may occur, though not necessarily. Seizures are caused by aneurological disorder called epilepsy, and they come randomly and suddenly.When this happens, dogs cannot control their muscles. Abnormal brain nervetissue locus is considered to be a cause of epilepsy among dogs. Since thistissue sends signals through the nerve impulses, which then create the improperfunctioning of the muscles, the seizures we are talking about, epilepsyseizures, are created when this tissue is affected.

Other cause of the seizuresamong dogs is brain tumor. When brain tumor occurs, brain function is impairedand this may cause seizures. The seizures usually happen because of excessivepressure on the brain tissue. Canine distemper is another cause of seizures,and young dogs are frequently affected by this problem. This virus cansometimes be fatal. Other problems caused by this condition are loss ofmotor skills, weakness of the muscles and, of course, seizures.

Head injury can sometimes causethe seizures. Cracked or damaged cranium can happen because of the injury,which thus creates brain tissue damage and maybe produces seizures. Anothercause of the seizures among dogs is genetics, which has been confirmed byrecent studies. This is a statement based on the fact that some species of dogssuffer more from seizures then the others. Lyme disease can also createseizures. This problem is created when a dog gets ixodes genus tick. Arthritisis the main problem caused by this condition. Although seizures are not one ofthe most common symptoms of Lyme disease, they can occur because of thiscondition.

The last cause we will mention in this text is related to toxins,which can be found in the dog's environment. You will have to be careful withchemical products, because some of them are not only dangerous for children,but they are also very dangerous for dogs. One of the most dangerous andwell-known chemicals is the organochlorines, which can be found in certain fleapowders and similar products. Zinc phosphate, methylxanthines and lead are alsopopular chemicals used in the industry.

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