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Kennel cough is the disease that usually affects dogs and the medical term for it is the infectious tracheobronchitis. This means that the kennel cough is the disease of the upper region of the respiratory system. The researchers have come up with the evidence that this is the most common respiratory problem in dogs in the U.S.

Before any description of this disease, it is necessary to point out that the kennel cough is a highly contagious condition. In fact, it can be caused by the bacteria (bordatella bronchiseptica) or by the virus. The virus or bacteria enter the nose of the dog by the air and settles on the membrane of the trachea thus provoking the urge for coughing.

Besides the constant coughing that repeats at the same periods of time, there are some other symptoms of this condition. They start to bother the pet after the period of the incubation which usually lasts a few weeks. The most prominent one is the distinctive sound of a cough that resembles the productive cough in people.

And that cough is likely to become more frequent during some physical activity of the dog. Also, in some advanced and more serious stages of this condition the dog could expectorate some mucus consequently this act could be followed by throwing-up the previous meal.

So the treatment should be focused on the most severe type of the cough, since the milder kennel cough can be cured by the immune system of a dog. Concerning the advanced stage of the kennel cough, the veterinarian will firstly examine the throat of the dog to see what triggers the cough. If there is the case of the kennel cough, which is confirmed during this examination the further step in reaching the diagnosis must be focused on determining whether this condition had spread or not on the lungs. And, it is done by using the X-rays.

When it comes to the treatment, veterinarians usually prescribe the antibiotics, since this condition is more commonly caused by bacteria. But, besides that, there are some useful advices, concerning the at-home way of dealing with this problem.

So, the best way to treat the kennel cough is by focusing on the encouraging of the dog’s immunity, and the most popular remedy for that matter is the PetAlive KC-Defense Formula. Also, the cough and the excessive mucus should be reduced, and it could be achieved by Bryonia C6 and the herb called Plantago lanceolataeven and even by the medications which are designed to cure the cough in humans.

But, if some little puppy is affected by this condition, sometimes is good to perform the treatment of vaporization (with Vicks ointment) or with using the drug called Pediatric Robitussin.

And, finally, it is important to emphasize that the vaccine is useful but not totally effective solution.

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