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Unhealthy Replacement for an UnhealthyHabit

Not so long ago, when people startedrealizing the danger which smoking causes to one's organism, tobaccocompanies started producing chewing tobacco, which was presented as abetter, smokeless alternative to the harmful cigarettes. However,this is hardly a better alternative. What is more, people who chew ontobacco get exposed to high amounts of nicotine as well, creating anaddiction and leading this poisonous substance into their bloodstreamand all over their organism. This causes damage on many scales and agradual, but sure, decrease in health. First of all, your dental andoral health gets jeopardized once you make tobacco chewing a habit.Your teeth deteriorate, you get prone to gum and throat problems etc.The worst case scenario even involves suffering from some terminalillnesses like cancer. Thus, before you put another piece of tobaccoin your mouth claiming to be unable to stop chewing it read on andfind out what you are doing to your organism with every poisonousbite you take.

Negative Sides of Tobacco Chewing

Regardless of its “smokeless”characteristics, tobacco, once chewed often, destroys your teeth.First it causes discoloration and decay, only to result in bad breathand gum problems later. Many brands of this chewing tobacco can havesugar as an additional ingredient, giving it a more prominent flavor.This, however, only makes the effect worse since this sugar destroysyour protective layer on the teeth, giving way to inflammation,bacterial infections, toothaches, cavities and many other problems ofthis type.

Another common byproduct of tobaccochewing is leukoplakia. This condition manifests itself through theappearance of white patches on the spots where you chew the tobaccoin your mouth. These patches can easily be a premonition of an oralcancer, telling you to stop your addictive unhealthy habit, unlessyou want to develop this terminal disease.

Additionally, nicotine makes one'sblood vessels tight reducing adequate blood flow. This causesan increase in your blood pressure with a possibility of developing alife-threatening heart condition like a heart attack or a cardiacarrest.

The differenttypes of cancer which may appear due to thisunhealthy habit are the following; throat, larynx, pharynx, lung and oral cancer. What is more,the tobacco juices may spread all the way to your pancreas andintestines crying havoc upon your health, leading to a possibledevelopment of these illnesses which we still have no cure for. Thus,if you are planning to start chewing tobacco, change your mind. Also,if you are doing this already, stop it. Tobacco chewing is verydangerous for your health and no taste or addiction can mean morethan life.

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