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Whether you are already a mom and about to give birth again, or whether you have never embarked on the adventure called labor and birth before, it sure can be a scary thing to face. If you are pregnant, one thing is for sure you will give birth! Whether it's natural, through c-section, with the help of an epidural, and whether it's really fast or takes a long time, you will be getting that baby out. How do you cope, if you are scared of giving birth?

Meditation during pregnancy is a great way to cope for many women, whether it's a solo affair or done at a prenatal yoga class, in church, together with your husband... anything that helps you center your thoughts and relax is beneficial. A childbirth education class is a great way to prepare for labor if you are a first-time mom. Knowing what will happen might make you less afraid. If you have already had children before and had a traumatic birth experience, working through those issues and perhaps getting therapy may help. Also, if your trauma was caused by a certain healthcare provider, choosing a different hospital, birth center, or midwife might make you feel more at ease. If it is specifically the pain of labor you are worried about, there are many techniques to help you cope. Epidural anesthesia is highly effective for most women, and other pain relief options include patterned breathing, hypnobabies for childbirth, and gas and air in some countries. A good support person at your side throughout your labor and delivery is such a wonderful help. See labor and delivery preparation tips for partners for more info, if you'd like to pass this on to your support people or person. Some women find it helpful to focus on the joy of the baby they will be having instead of on the physical process of labor and birth. Don't forget that labor will last only a relatively short time, and then you will have a beautiful babe to enjoy!

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