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Vitamins are of crucial importance for our health and proper functioning of the body, which is why we should make sure that the body does not lack any. Some of the most important when it comes to slowing down the process of aging and its consequences are vitamin A, niacin, vitamins K, C and E.

Vitamin A is one of the most popular antioxidants, whichmeans that it has the ability to reduce the damaging effects that free radicalscause. One of such effects is oxidation, which is considered as one of the mostcontributing to the process of degeneration and development of diseases. Due toits antioxidant characteristics, it is practically inevitable ingredient of creamsand topical solutions, which are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It alsoworks as exfoliator and it is used in order to reduce the effects of sundamage. Circles under the eyes can be significantly reduced when this vitaminis used.Niacin, which is actually B3 vitamin, helps the skin toretain moisture longer, which is later a sure protection against viruses,bacteria and various other antigens. Furthermore, it works as an exfoliant,thus helping skin to get rid of the dead cells and allowing the newer ones toreach the surface. Inside the body, it increases the levels of good cholesteroland lowers the levels of bad cholesterol, thus decreasing the risks ofdeveloping atherosclerosis.Vitamin K helps with dark circles under the eyes, which donot always have to be caused by aging, and besides the fact that the bodyproduces small amounts of it, it can and should be taken in additional amountsthrough foods and supplements. Bones benefit from it as well, because thisvitamin keeps them stronger.Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which means that it helps in reducing the damage that radiation, cigarette smoke, and pollutioncause, no matter how careful a person might be. Besides, it helps in regeneration of otherantioxidants in the body and protects against the damage that UV rays cause. Anotherimportant benefit is related to production of collagen, since vitamin Cimproves it, as well as the firmness of this element, which results in skinlooking younger and firmer. Other positive sides of this vitamin refer to thefact that it prevents cataracts and macular degeneration, and decreases thechances of contracting some cardiovascular disease.Vitamin E is definitely one of the most important anti-agingvitamins, and it is frequently an ingredient of sunscreens because it has theability to protect the skin from the damage that UVB rays cause. It isnecessary for better functioning of the immune system, for prevention of thedamage that oxidation and free radicals tend to cause, and it also reduces the risksof suffering from stroke or heart attack. It might be helpful against thecancer as well, but more research needs to be done on that issue.

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