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Insomnia is a sleeping problem when person can not sleep all night. Insomnia causes fatigue, drowsiness, and lack of sleep. There are many causes of insomnia but also there is many solutions to help you to fall asleep.

Person who has insomnia should not eat 2 or 3 hours before regular goes to bed. Your body starts to digest food and you can not fall asleep or completely relax. Also, do not eat spicy foods, fatty and fried foods and refined carbohydrate foods such as pasta, sugars, breads, white rice. Particularly, do not eat these foods before your bedtime. Falling asleep is difficult if you are hungry so you can eat some light meal about 2 hours before you go to bed. Your healthy light meal should have low levels of protein and mostly carbohydrates. This light snack can help amino acid to effects better to your brain and to fall asleep. Light snack before you go to bed could be: cereal with milk containing low levels of fat, whole wheat bread with deli turkey, bowl of oatmeal, cheese or peanut butter with sliced apple, yogurt with granola, whole grain crackers with cheese, bagel topped with peanut butter.

Do not drink alcohol before you go to bed. Alcohol will get you quick fall asleep but you will feel in the morning that you did not rest.

You should not use caffeinated foods or drinks in the afternoon or in the evening. Caffeine is stimulant, it stimulates your body. Foods such as coffee, soda, chocolate and tea have caffeine. Do not take any of these foods or drinks because they can keep you awake all night. If you still have insomnia than you should avoid caffeine entirely. Maybe entire avoiding of caffeine can help to fall asleep.

Also, you should avoid taking liquids in the evening. This can make you to go to bathroom at night and your sleep will be broken.

People who are opting chronic insomnia treatment can consider about taking natural supplement to help them to fall asleep. You must not take together supplements or with drugs with sedative effects. You need to consult your doctor about dosage of these supplements. Supplements can also cause psychological and physical dependency. It is very important to ask your doctor about this.

The most effective supplements for insomnia are melatonin and valerian root.Melatonin is hormone made in brain. Also, animals and plants produce this hormone. Melatonin is also effective against disturbed sleep. Also, it may help people with mental disorders, blind and autistic children, and people with nervous system disorders to ease their disturbed sleep. But effects of melatonin are not understood completely or even very little is known about it.

Valerian root is herb which has sedative effects. It helps people with insomnia to stay asleep and to fall asleep.Other supplements that can help you in insomnia treatment but there is no evidence about their effects are: lavender, Indian snakeroot, hops, passionflower, lemon balm and kava.

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