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Melatonin is a naturally producedhormone in our body, created in the pineal gland inside our brain.The main purpose of this hormone is regulation of our sleeping patterns.Basically, it makes us drowsy during nighttime, once light does nothit our eyes anymore and helps us wake up in the morning. Thus,without it we would have our internal body clock completelydisrupted.

However, in time, the levels ofmelatonin in our body decrease, especially once we reach the 60thyear of our lives. Fortunately, scientifically created, syntheticmelatonin is available in the form of supplements and many people useit for balancing their sleeping problems and dealing with many otherhealth and lifestyle complications that lack of melatonin can cause.

Melatonin for Insomnia Problem

The main use of melatonin supplementsis divided into several aspects. Mainly, it is used for helpingpeople deal with the effects of jet lag and insomnia, managing tofall asleep on time instead of being awake during the night and beingdysfunctional during the day. Yet, many people have managed to find acure for their headaches and migraines through melatonin supplementsor even slow down the development of cancer and prevent the onset ofAlzheimer's disease. Furthermore, this treatment is related tohelping people who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatiguesyndrome too.

Due to the fact that the elderly havelower levels of melatonin in their bodies, the supplement treatmentis mainly directed towards them and the people who cannot sleepproperly due to disruptions caused by the jet lag or insomnia.

In fact, clinical studies have shownthat this supplement, when taken in smaller amounts over a shorterperiod of time, is more effective than any possible placebo effect ofthe same type. Melatonin decreases the amount of time necessary for aperson to fall asleep and it increases the number of hours spendsleeping. As a result, melatonin supplements have an impact on one'slife during daytime too, raising the levels of awareness whileleading an active life, performing most of the regular daily tasks.

The dosage of this medication taken fortreating insomnia varies. Nevertheless, the supplements are takenabout an hour before going to sleep. According to various research studies,the effects of these supplements are different from one individual toanother. Thus, the best possible effect is commonly seen in theelderly who suffer from insomnia, being individuals older than 55.These people were found to sleep better, fall asleep with more easeand be more alert during morning hours, all due to the effects ofmelatonin supplements.

Dosing Preferences for Melatonin

As it was mentioned above, there are nospecific guidelines when it comes to establishing proper doses ofmelatonin. Therefore, the only information we have obtained is theone related to successful clinical trials conducted in the past.Basically, people usually take from 0.3 to 5mg once a day. So, thisdosage is considered to be the right one, safe for most users ofmelatonin supplements.

Nevertheless, you are advised to startwith the smaller doses and see whether these work for you. If theresults appear to be successful, stick to the current dosage. On theother hand, if the effect of the supplement does not meet yourrequirements, increase the dosage carefully, consulting with yourdoctor beforehand.

You should take melatonin supplementsin the evening, initially taking them during bedtime. Naturally, ifthe effect does not apply timely, take the supplements earlier nexttime. Bear in mind that you will not need to take this supplementover a longer course of time. Rather, several weeks will be more thanenough to help your body get in the right sleeping balance once more.

There are some factors you should beaware of, though. Namely, not all companies which create thesesupplements are controlled, due to the fact that this form ofmedication is not a widely-accepted one. So, choose manufacturers youtrust from previous experiences or have the manufacturer recommended.Additionally, making sure that the product you are using bears theUSP mark is the right step to take. This mark means that the producthas been tested, containing the right amounts of the adequateingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, mostmanufacturers use synthetic forms of melatonin in their products.Yet, some of them use animal-obtained hormone which is considered tobe a less safer alternative. Thus, opt for synthetic supplements ofthis type whenever possible.

Taking too much melatonin will resultin disruptions of your already disrupted sleeping patterns, being acounter-productive and dangerous state of affairs. In some cases,excessive melatonin in the body may lead to nightmares or vividdreams, along with drowsiness during the day.

Pregnant women are not advised to takethis supplement and people older than 65 should consult theirhealth provider before taking melatonin. Also, this supplement isknown to interfere with certain antidepressant medications. Thus, ifyou are taking any medications along with melatonin, do not do thisbefore asking your doctor for an opinion.

Melatonin supplements can be more thanhelpful for controlling your sleeping patterns and restoring thehealthy effects of normal sleep to your everyday life. However, youhave to be careful about the type of this supplement and its dosagein order to achieve the desirable effect.

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