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Spider bites

Unlike the other insects’ bites, the spider bites are potentially very dangerous since they inject the venom in the body so that the treatment of it should be done promptly. However, the person who suffered a bite should recognize that it is from a spider. There are many different kinds of spider worldwide and their bites cause different symptoms. However, the important fact is that the spider bits must be treated with urgency.

A spider is not aggressive by nature but it has a tendency to attack and bite if it is in some threatening situation. The mildest symptom of a spider bite is itching of the skin area around the bite and the most severe consequence of a spider bite is amputation of the affected area.

Symptoms of spider bite

The intensity of the spider bite symptoms depends on the species of spider, the quantity of the injected venom and the time which passes from the time of the bite and the received medical treatment.

The type of the spider which bit a person cannot be identified by its venom in most of cases, except from the brown recluse spider. Therefore, the warning signs of most spider bites are similar. The symptoms mainly appear in the affected area and their spreading should be stopped by an antidote.

Itching, swelling, redness and pain are most typical warning signs of most spider bites. If these symptoms are only limited to the bitten area, the person should not worry about. However, if the symptoms start spreading and continue for more than a day, the person should receive the tetanus injection. The most obvious symptoms of spread spider venom are discoloration of the skin and drainage from the bite. Numbness and tingling sensation are also likely to occur.

The spider bites are particularly dangerous to the people who are susceptible to various allergies. The professional help should be immediately sought if the bitten person experience leg cramps, stomach aches, chills, rapid pulse and excessive sweating as well as a feeling of general weakness and exhaustion.

Bite symptoms of black widow spider

One of the most dangerous species of spider is black widow spider whose venom is highly poisonous and requires immediate treatment. If the treatment is not received within a short time, the venom may cause serious consequences in the body.

The most common black widow spider bite warning signs are troublesome breathing, wheezing, hives and extreme exhaustion.

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