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The chemical peel is one of the latest and biggest trends in the beauty techniques, but unfortunately there are a large number of people which are completely unaware of the fact that there may be certain other options and alternatives which may provide the same if not better results. Wrinkle creams sit at the top of the list of such alternative methods and they are among the best treatments for the slowing down and the reduction of the process of aging. Chemical peels are associated with certain recovery periods, which is not the case with wrinkle creams. Wrinkle creams are effortless to use, they do not trigger any unwanted side effects, they are affordable for most budgets, and to top it all off they are very efficient in increasing the tightness and resilience of the skin and supplying the body with abundant amounts of antioxidant substances. Antioxidants are of utmost importance when it comes to reducing the effects of the process of aging, fighting off the free radicals and reducing the amount and severity of the damage they cause to the human body on a cellular level.

Pros and Cons

Chemical peels are used professionally for the treatment of wrinkles and other sorts of skin afflictions and conditions which are normally associated with the process of aging. In order to use such products, one first needs to apply a caustic acid which is meant to burn the upper layers of the skin so that they can be lifted off. This is why the body tends to increase the production of collagen which leads to healing of the wounds and the skin’s new, fresh look. These treatments tend to be rather painful, which is not the case with wrinkle creams.

The initial results of wrinkle cream can usually be observed very shortly after its first application. Chemical peels usually involve a recovery period which may last for a few days, while the wrinkle creams do not require any recovery. Chemical peels are often associated with discomfort, swelling, irritation and painful sensations. Wrinkle creams provide the skin with a potent soothing effect which enhances the overall health of the skin. Chemical peels need to be repeated constantly because there are actually no anti aging components contained in them. Wrinkle creams to not provide any harmful chemicals, they feed the skin with the healthy antioxidants which reverse the process of aging. Chemical peels are rather awkward to use, while the wrinkle creams are completely convenient and easy to use.

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