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Weight loss

It is very important to have the normal and healthy bodyweight, since obesity is the main cause for many disorders and diseases. Furthermore,a person with normal body weight looks healthier and more beautiful. However,after the weight losing, another problem appears and that is the loosening andsagging of the skin. The wrinkles on the skin usually are caused by thefluctuations in the body weight. Therefore, it is important to apply certaincreams when we are on a diet. Moreover, the pregnant women have the problemwith the skin on the belly after the childbirth, because the skin was stretched considerablyin that area. The shrinking of the skin depends on many factors,such as the age of the person and elasticity of the skin, and also it takes sometime to resume the former condition.

Tips to improve the elasticity of the skin

The proper treatments, as well as routines, mayrestore and improve the elasticity of the skin. It is extremely important tofollow the tips in order to increase the elasticity of the skin and thus maintainthe skin fit even after the weight loss or age. There are several things that we can do at home forour skin, especially if we are on a diet. If we improve the elasticity of theskin, thus we prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

When we are having a shower, it is recommended to alternatehot and cold water. This is very beneficial for the shrinking and expanding ofthe skin. Furthermore, the skin should be treated with acombination of sour cream and olive oil. First, we should add a bit of oliveoil to the bath and soak for a while in it. Afterwards, we should apply a smallamount of sour cream all over the body.

A medical grade wrinkle cream should be used alsobecause this cream contains active ingredients that help the growth of theprotein elastin. Collagen and elastin are considered to be the most effectiveremedies for the wrinkled skin.The wrinkle creams that contain copper peptides are the best because copperpeptides promote the growth of elastin and new skin cells. These creams shouldbe applied twice a day. Moreover, it is also recommended to drinks plenty ofwater, at least eight glass a day. It is very good for the hydration of theskin. A well-hydrated skin is at lower risk to develop wrinkles.

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