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Inflamed Tonsils

The problem we are talking about in this article revolves around the swelling of the tonsils. There are several causes for this problem but the most common are strep or sore throat. Throat has tonsils and they help the immune system in its functioning by absorbing the microorganism infection and preventing the infection to expand inside the body. But, when this is not fulfilled, the virus enters the body and affects the tonsils which absorb the bacterial as well. The problem of inflamed tonsils can be serious or mild. For mild cases, antibiotics are given for the treatment, but for cases which are serious, surgery will have to be done, during which tonsils will be removed.


We will talk about the most common problems that are created by the inflammation of tonsils. They are lymph nodes or tender glands (located in the neck and jaw) enlargement, headache, inflamed tonsils with white spots, swelling and redness of the tonsils. In some cases, the most serious ones, person can even lose voice. Abdominal pain is a symptom that can accompany inflammation of the tonsils among children. Also, a person can experience chills and fever.


A person who is suffering from this problem has to take some care and also use some antibiotics. Also, there are some measures that can be taken in order to prevent this problem from ever happening. Be sure that this problem must be treated; if not, some problems may arise from it. Those are rheumatic fever, kidney failure and dehydration. See a doctor if new symptoms occur, if sore throat is persistent after 48 hours, or if the problems caused by the inflammation become worse. We have mentioned that antibiotics are given for this problem, especially, those caused by the bacterial infection. Be sure to follow the treatment that should last approximately ten days. Warm salt water is a good remedy and it should be gargled three times during the day. Also, you can take some painkillers like ibuprofen and remember to drink a lot of water. Try to eliminate the contact with people suffering from nose or throat infection, since this can prevent the infection from occurring. Avoid using anything used by the people with infection. Also, do not eat oily or cold food. Severe cases are those who experience infection several times a year and for these cases a surgery is the only solution. But the immune system will be impaired since a part of it is removed. Be sure to diagnose the exact cause of the problem, since the treatment depends on the detecting the proper cause. Also, be sure to visit a doctor if the problem comes back several times a year.

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