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Tonsils are lymphoid organs that are located at each side of the oral entrance to throat. These organs are essential part of the human immune system and play significant role in production of antibodies. In case of certain infections of the upper respiratory tract tonsils are swollen and this leads to specific symptoms and signs such as difficulty swallowing and pain in throat. Swelling of tonsils may occur due to viral or bacterial infection. Depending on the particular infective agent that has led to infection and consequent swelling one is treated with suitable medications.

Treatment for Swollen Tonsils

Depending of the symptoms and sign of the infection, the appearance of the tonsils, general health of the patient as well as causative agent of the infection there are several treatment options for swollen tonsils.

In case the infection is caused by bacteria, patients are treated with antibiotics. These medications are highly effective against bacteria and may provide with significant pain relief. In most cases bacterial inflammation of tonsils is treated with penicillins and only in case a patient is allergic to this group of antibiotics the doctor opts for other antibiotic.

Pain associated with swollen tonsils can be alleviated with certain pain-killers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

And finally, in case of chronic swelling of tonsils a person may be recommended tonsillectomy, surgical removal of the tonsils.

Home Remedies for Swollen Tonsils

Apart from conventional treatment additional help is obtained from some home remedies. For example, a person may use certain solutions for gargling and accelerate the process of healing. One of the most suitable solutions for gargling is made of a glass of hot water and one pinch salt and a teaspoon of lime juice. Gargling with such mixture is supposed to be performed three times a day and together with conventional treatment the person will soon start feeling better. One more solution for gargling contains hot water and fenugreek seeds.

Many people feel much better if they consume a variety of herbal teas. The pain may alleviate and the process of healing is accelerated. One may drink several cups of tea per day.

Furthermore, a person suffering from swollen tonsils may have difficulties swallowing solid food. This is why before the medications start to work and alleviate pain as well as ease swallowing of solid food one may drink plenty of fluids and eat soup or semi-solid meals. This way the irritation of the already painful tonsils will not be so intensive.

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