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How to Improve Your Memory?Arrange the Facts

One simple technique to enhance your memory is to arrange the facts you have to memorize in either chronological or alphabetical sequence. When reading material you should always pay attention to the facts. It is much easier to memorize the logic through the facts presented.

Give Meaning to Things

It can be hard to memorize information that is not interesting. For instance, if you are studying details of a certain process that is dull it will be helpful to focus on the purpose of the process. When we concentrate on the whole idea behind the process we will be able to remember the details without much effort.

Make Associations

Creating a mental connection between familiar things and pieces of new information is a useful memory aid. If you want to be sure you will remember the name of a person you have just met, associate him or her with someone familiar with the same name.

Actively Learn

It is a well known fact that we memorize a great percentage of the things we do, while most of the things we hear diminishes from our memory. Apply this fact when you learn something new. Make certain movements, while reading an extract from a book and you will more likely remember it later.

Use Images

Try using images if you want to memorize abstract concepts. If you illustrate pieces of information it would be easier to remember them later because things we see stay much longer in our minds.

Recite and RepeatRepeating information over and over again is a well known technique for better memory. Additionally, if you use rhythm, melody or rhyme while memorizing you will be able to remember long passages or complex formulas.

Write Down

Another useful technique for improving memory is to write down information or a passage many times.

Memorize During DaylightIt is advised to study complex material during daylight since our mental capacity is highest in early morning hours and during hours of daylight.

Avoid DistractionYou can memorize much effectively if you study in a quiet room where you cannot be distracted.

Take Frequent Breaks

Do not overload yourself with too much information in a short period of time because you will not be able to memorize as much as you will with frequent breaks during studying.

Be Positive

Keep positive thoughts while studying. Keep telling yourself things like “I will succeed” or “I can do it” because our attitude has a great influence on our ability to memorize.

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