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Icepickingly unpleasant

Whenit comes to headache varieties, all people come to anagreement that they are not only unpleasant and aching, but quite troubling too. One of the varieties is also the Ice PickHeadache, which the moment aperson recognizes it seizes to be an issue that one needs to become concerned about, andtakes up more of that “menace” kind of guise.

Asthe name used for denoting it clearly states, this specific type ofheadache is characterized by an onset and an unpredictable surge ofintense and sudden ache, much resembling the one a person would fancyimagining in case one's head would “come in touch” with an icepick.

Amore scientific term employed for describing this specific headache, in use ever since the 1960's, is also ophthalmodyniafugax. Or as the InternationalHeadache Society would put it – a Primary StabbingHeadache.

Manifestationsand most prominent characteristics

Someof the most distinctive features of the headache in question include:

Extremely short in duration – lasting but just a moment, i.e. a second or two (three at the most)Sudden and unexpected - not induced by any such culprits as, for instance, (intense) cough or an exercise strenuous in natureUnassociated – not related to such conditions as nausea, intolerance of light, vomiting, eye ache, etc.Frequency – bouts may come about every once in a while (once in a few days), or be persistent and present dozens time each day

Inaddition, according to the Testimonies of a number of people whohave, at one point in their lives, suffered from this utterlymenacing headache, in moments before it occurs they had the tendencyto wince or clutch their heads for a moment. Other have reported evenmore extreme situations; namely they would even stumble due to theovert shock coming from the sudden and extremely intense pain. Asfar as the localization of pain is concerned, it has been determinedthat, in a number of instances, it tends to come about in or aboveone's eye, and even more so in the classic area (70%), as well as inthe neck area.


Asfor the main inducers, discovered to be those most frequent ones are– none. That is tosay, none of the more specific ones. Certain people report occurrenceof numbness and specific sensation above the eye. Certainimplications point out to the possibility that at the root of itthere can lie such cause as the sensory nerve entrapment, which islocated within the person's scalp.

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