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Dangersand disregards

Inthe recent years, the public has been overflowed with constant allegations concerningthe benefits of dairy products and meat. And in the recent past thishas culminated in constant pointing out that these food types are moredangerous and harmful for people than any other food varieties. Of course, thisis also substantiated by numerous research studies and yet, somehow, people dotend to take this lightly. But, as the saying goes – too much of everything canand most often does hurt a person. Therefore, some allegations against thesefood varieties should be taken with a pinch of salt, which of course, does notmean that other varieties such as fruits and vegetables are not far more healthierand beneficial.

Unfortunately,the specific food varieties are not at the centre of the problem. What is,however, are the authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which are fully aware of the “significance” and the impact these foodindustries have on the economy of the country. So, banning them would be prettymuch like asking for trouble catastrophic in nature.

Timeto change

Oneof the main reasons why people decide to replace one foodvariety for other, i.e. go from meat-dairy diet to a vegetable-fruit one, isthat they begin to suffer from various health problems that interfere withtheir normal lives. Certainly one of the most frequent indicators that themeat-dairy rich diet does not suit a person is the sudden increase in thelevels of cholesterol in one’s blood.

Inaddition, what many experts point out to but what people tend to frown at anddisregard is the fact that food, which is animal in origin, as well as animalproteins, do have the tendency to cause complete and utter chaos in the person’sbody, as well as bodily processes, which take place on a daily basis. Some ofthe most prominent arguments that clearly point out the fact that peopleshould avoid meat and dairy include –

Reason number one - food varieties of animal origin are knownto be at the bottom of heart diseases.Reason number two - animal foods arealso the main culprits for the greatest majority of cancers.Reason number three - animal foods are known to be the culprits for the occurrence of such serious ailment asosteoporosis (in combination with too passive a life).Reason number four - animal foodvarieties are also the main inducers of arthritis.

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