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Hydrogen peroxide therapy

Another name for hydrogen peroxide therapy is oxygen therapy. This therapy is actually not a complicated procedure. Hydrogen peroxide is either injected or ingested into the body of the patient. Once in the body it will release free radicals of oxygen which the system will use to protect itself from various dangerous and even deadly diseases. A lot of people do not know a lot about hydrogen peroxide. H2O2 is the chemical makeup for hydrogen peroxide. Even though it is very similar to water, hydrogen peroxide is actually and technically an acid. However, when there is a situation where hydrogen peroxide reacts with other things, an additional oxygen atom is released and in that case hydrogen peroxide is turned into water. People did not discover hydrogen peroxide until the 1800's despite the fact that hydrogen peroxide appears naturally in nature. The upper atmosphere is known to contain oxygen, so when that oxygen mixes up with molecules of the water it comes back to the earth in the form of rain. In this way it is released again into the environment.Plants are some of the things that benefit a lot from hydrogen peroxide. Apart from the fact that it is antifungal, it also oxygenates the soil of the plants and it even plays the part of the oxygen supplement to plants. It is not uncommon that people who take care of their plants often add it to the water before watering the plants and even spray hydrogen peroxide directly on the leaves.

How hydrogen peroxide therapy works

Hydrogen peroxide therapy works in two ways. The first way is to drink water where the food grade hydrogen peroxide has been diluted. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is highly powerful since it is 35% strength. In comparison with the variety which can be found in the grocery which is only 3% strength, it is obvious that a person should not drink it unless it has been diluted. This is used to reduce the toxins in the body.

The second way of how this therapy works is if a person injects it directly into the body. This is done because lots of dangerous diseases like cancer and aids are anaerobic and they do not feel comfortable in an environment that is rich with oxygen. There are some studies which claim that if huge amounts of hydrogen peroxide are injected around the cancerous area they will kill off the cancer cells. If it is inserted directly into the blood stream a lot of ailments will be cured. It was in the 1900's when it was first inserted into a human bloodstream. That time it was used to fight off influenza. When there are no other options, doctors always go for this therapy when treating cancer.

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