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The appearance and the milky white color of the tooth enamelgradually get compromised over time. The teeth slowly become yellow, or evenbrown in some cases. The discoloration occurs because the mineral structure ofteeth changes as the time passes. One may restore the brightness and thenatural white color of the teeth by using some of the bleaching agents. Thereare numerous different bleaching methods and agents available on the market,and carbamide peroxide is one of the most commonly used. One should always bewell informed about the effectiveness and precautions before using carbamideperoxide as a teeth bleaching agent.

What is Carbamide Peroxide?

Carbamide peroxide is a very strong oxidizing agent, and itis also sometimes referred to as percarbamide, urea peroxide or urea hydrogenperoxide. It forms when urea and hydrogen peroxide react between one another. Carbamideperoxide is a white crystalline and its chemical formula is CH6N2O3. One of itsmain features that it releases oxygen once it gets in contact with water.Excessive exposure to carbamide peroxide commonly causes burns and corrosion.It irritates the skin, the eyes and all the elements of the human respiratorytract. When used in low concentrations it may come in very handy when it comesto whitening the teeth. For that purpose, it needs to be mixed with hydrogenperoxide. The cosmetic dentistry has used it safely for many decades. Itsconcentration is usually no more than 35 percent. It may also be used for thetreatment of ulcers and removal of ear wax.

How does Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel Work?

Carbamide peroxide is very efficient when it comes towhitening the teeth and the results it provides are usually long lasting. Toothenamel has a crystal structure which contains porosities that get penetrated bycarbamide peroxide. The whitening gel performs an oxidation of theinterprismatic stain deposits. Since enamel is partially translucent theoxidized underlying layer of dentin shows the effects of the whitening gel.Lifestyle of a person usually determines the longevity of the bleaching effectsprovided by carbamide peroxide. Frequent consumption of darker liquids such ascoffee, black tea and similar beverages may decrease the overall effectsprovided by the whitening agent.

How is Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel Applied?

Carbamide peroxide can be purchased in most medical storesor online. It needs to be applied to the teeth by using a thin plastic tray.One may also try out some of the custom made whitening trays. Side effects mayinclude irritation of the gums and tooth sensitivity in some cases.

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