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Oxygen Therapy Characteristics

Some people need additional oxygenwhile they are living their everyday lives or while they areexercising or sleeping. This need usually takes place due to acertain medical condition an individual is suffering from. Therefore,people who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, occupational lungdiseases or other problems related to one's cardiovascular orrespiratory system, often have oxygen therapy as one of the basicparts of their treatment.

Other Things Related to Oxygen Therapy

First of all, before starting thetherapy, your doctor needs to examine you and establish a propertreatment, setting the amounts of oxygen you are supposed to takeduring your treatment. These oxygen levels are measured in liters perminute. Oxygen is given to you in the form of cylinders which you cankeep somewhere in your house. Also, this gas may be kept in a smallcontainer vehicle, which is mobile and more practical for thesepurposes. When you use these cylinders with compressed gas, once youbreathe in the gas is released and, as soon as your stop inhaling thegas supply is cut out. The second method involves breathing in liquidoxygen. Actually, the oxygen gets converted into a gas during thetherapy, but is conserved in the water state which takes up lessspace and is much easier to move around. However, it is moreexpensive too.

Finally, there is an additional methodinvolving having devices which separate oxygen from the air, allowingyou to breathe it. These are less expensive than the previouslymentioned, liquid oxygen. Still, you need to be sure you have anextra oxygen cylinder, in case your electric power supply is downsince then you cannot use the oxygen concentrator.

As far as methods of delivering oxygenfrom the device to your organism is concerned, there are severaldifferent methods for these purposes. Usually, you will have a nasalcannula, a small tube which is inserted in a person's nose, restingon ears or spectacles. For those with higher demands for oxygen, amask may be used as well, or combination between the two methods canbe practiced.

You are not allowed to smoke while onoxygen therapy. Oxygen is highly flammable and should not be exposedto other gases. Therefore, stay away from people who smoke and fromcigarettes in general.

Additionally, while you are using thecylinders, you need to ensure their safety, disallowing them to fallor get damaged in any way, making sure their valves are on the upperside. With all devices of this type, keep a safety fire extinguishersomewhere in the house, just in case. Take good care of yourequipment, keep it clean and disinfected.

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