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Nowadays, lots of people do not care about their body. It is not healthy for a person to be sitting all day at work and then come home and sit on the couch watching TV. Sooner or later that person will experience certain problems. A person can better his or her health by simply walking.

Facts about walking

The first thing a person should know about walking is that it increases the energy levels. Heart and lungs will work better because walking is considered to be an aerobic exercise. Experts claim that simple walking influences the fact that a person will have lesser chance of ending up with high blood pressure or some heart disease. In addition to this, calories are also burned during walking.

The second important thing to know is that walking betters a person's mental health. A person who walks regularly will sleep better and be less under stress. Walking is known to fight off depression and anxiety as well. A lot of people are not aware that endorphin is produced while they walk.

The third thing about walking is that it is fun. Walks are better when a person does it with a friend or several of them.

Unlike some exercises, walking does not require any expensive equipment. A person will need comfortable shoes, sunscreen or a hat and sunglasses. During the summer heats a person should always have a bottle of water with him or her.

Before going for a walk a person should make sure that he or she had talked with a doctor and that he or she is not suffering from symptoms like chronic shortness of breath, persistent dizziness, high blood pressure, chest pain or heart problems.

Even though there are no rules when it comes to walking, a person should walk during the day or in well-lit areas, follow the traffic rules and make sure that the volume of the music he or she is listening to is not to high so that the honks can be heard. A person should walk as often as possible.


If a person goes to work by car, he or she should not park in front of the building but rather a bit further away so a person can walk to work a couple of blocks. Elevators should be avoided and a person should always pick stairs instead. Walking is good but it is more fun if a person is not alone. Half an hour walk every day will make a difference.

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