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Male yeast infection is widely misunderstood. Because its symptoms are not as visible as female yeast infection, many men do not think they have actually got it. It usually that they find out when their love partner tells them that she has got it. Chances are that he has it too. While the woman treats herself it is important that a man treats himself because if he doesn\'t, he will give it back to her. In men, yeast can the travel up to the prostate gland and settle there and cause serious problems. The most serious one is a prostate cancer.

How does a man get it?

There are several ways of getting yeast infection. Most common ones are sex, antibiotics, beer, wheat products, sugar, corn products, barely and immune system which became weak. Common food products are usually contaminated by molds. They are used to swell the bred, for instances. When we eat it and it comes to our digestive system. When we are sick, we take the antibiotic (which is also a mold) we ingest some more molds, killing along the bad bacteria also a number of good ones to. When we drink a few beers, we add some more molds in the system. By taking sugar, we feed it and make it grow faster. In some moment, the mold pierces the lining of the intestine and spreads throughout the body.If one wants to keep the yeast under control, the immune system should not be worn down by constant introduction of molds in the body.

Symptoms are usually these digestive ones. Constipation, bad breath, loose stool, diarrhea, gases, jock itch, sexual dysfunction, frequent fatigue etc, are usually the more common symptoms. One can also experience the craving for the food that feeds the infection like chips, peanuts, sweets and such.

How to treat years?

The most common natural to cure yeast is vinegar. Mixing it with water and applying it to the affected area will relive the itchiness. It relives the soreness associated with the infection. Tee tree oil can also be used, but it has to be diluted first before applying. A person can rub a clove of garlic on the affected area daily for 4-5days. Garlic can be also eaten. Adding yoghurt in the diet will speed up the recovery time. A person should also change its diet and avoid eating food that contains yeast.If none of these natural remedies help, one should visit a doctor for medical help

Home self-test for yeast

For a self test, one needs a glass of water to put on the nightstand before sleeping. In the morning, before getting out of the bed, one needs to spit twice in the glass. If the spit dissolves and dissipates within minutes, there is no yeast infection. If it becomes cloudy, with string like spider webs, yeast infection is there. If there is sediment on the glasses bottom, there are parasites present also that have to be treated.

The yeast infection in men is not be taken lightly. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to prostate cancer.

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