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Stye ointment is something that can help you with the red swollen bump on the eyelid edge called stye. These ointments are very effective against these very common bumps. There are oil glands that can become inflamed and this is what happens when sties are created. This occurs when the lid of the eye and lash connect. The sties are very similar to pimples, but are more tender when touched. The skin bacteria is responsible for the development of sties and this bacteria reach the oil glands mentioned and this is how the problem begins. The oil glands are responsible for the term film lubrication. A person can suffer from several sties are the same time. They need several days to develop and they are resolved on their own after some time. But there is a danger of chalazion, which can happen if the stye is not eliminated on its own. This condition is associated with the inflamed oil gland, which is blocked fully in this case. Vision problems can also be experienced if the stye becomes larger. Stye problems can more easily be formed among those who are suffering from hormonal changes, increased stress, blepharitis and dry skin troubles. The development of sties can be aided by infected cosmetics, outdated cosmetics, incomplete eye makeup removal, and poor lid hygiene. We will tangle with the possible symptoms and treatment of stye in the following lines.


The most common symptoms are crusting of the edges of the eyelid, eyelid drooping, scratchy sensation, mild burning, discharge, tender to touch bump and infected eye redness.

Treatment with Ointment

As we have said, sties are usually resolved on their own, but if this does not happen, see a doctor who will give you an ointment suited to your problem. Know that you will get only a temporary relief if you use some of the nonprescription ointments available as well. So, prescription is a best way of treating sties. External stye infection can be treated by the fusidic acid or chloramphenicol, which are ointments given only by the doctor. There are cases when ointments are ineffective and if this happens, the use of ointment will be enforced by the use of antibiotic tablets. Remember to apply the ointment in small amount with a clean hand.

Other Remedies

You can apply warm compress until the drainage stops, but until this occurs, you need to apply it for 4 to 6 times during the day. This kind of treatment will probably remove sties after ten days of treatment. The infection can spread, so use over-the-counter drops to prevent this and maintain good eye hygiene during this treatment. Know that this kind of treatment can be ineffective, and if after 10 to 14 days the treatment is ineffective, see a doctor. Also 2 or 3 days after the infection, thick drainage or pus can occur, and this is the time when you should see a doctor. If you are having recurrent styes or fever see a professional.

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