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The problem that makes the movement of the body very difficultis the rhomboid muscle pain and we will talk about this condition in thefollowing lines. We will see what causes this problem and how can it betreated. First we will give more information about the muscle that is affectedby this problem. These muscles are located in the back's upper region and are shaped as a diamond or rhomboid as the name suggests it. The rhomboid musclesare attached to the bones and their movement is voluntarily controlled. Thesethin skeletal muscles are attached to the spine via the shoulder blade's inneredges. They are responsible for the correct posture of the shoulders since theyare involved with the relaxation and contraction of the muscles in question.The locations where this pain is experienced are shoulder blades and upper backarea.

Causes and Symptoms

Rhomboid muscles can suffer from a spasm or a strain and this is one of themain causes for the pain in these muscles. The spasms and strains can occur dueto the arms and shoulders excessive use and this is mostly associated withplaying sports or with carrying something heavy on the shoulders. The problem maybe caused by bad posture, sudden bending, reaching out for an object, or doing overhead rhomboid exercises. The symptoms were are discussing may be created dueto chronic mental stress.

Once the problem is recognized, there may be a diagnosis of overstretched or torn musclefibers. When the problem is present, there will be discomfort or painexperienced in the area between the shoulder blades and the spine. Moving willmake the pain stronger and sometimes the pain can be aggravated by a breathintake. The muscle tightness or knot is a feeling that is felt when a rhomboidmuscles spasm, which is caused by the involuntary twitch.


Resting is very important in the process of the treatment. Also, ice packs needto be applied every 4 to 5 hours for 15 to 20 minutes. This shouldbe done during the first several days of the treatment. You need to put somecrushed ice in the bag, place it on the floor and lie down of the bag in orderfor the bag to be placed under the muscles affected. The pain decreases if youdo this for 3 days, but in some cases, the pain may remain the same. Applicationof heat is needed if this occurs, but remember that heat cannot be appliedduring the night. See a doctor who will give you anti-inflammatory and painrelief medications. But this type of treatment needs to be short-lasting. Physicaltherapy is the next treatment option. This is a very effective treatment. Stretchingis needed when the pain is eliminated and due to these stretches, the muscleswill regain their flexibility and strength.There are many factors that influence the recovery time length, but generally,several weeks are needed for minor injuries, while approximately six weeks areneeded for the serious ones.

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