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Every woman knows that she is entitled to receive contractual sick pay and statutory sick pay, when she is not going to work due to a pregnancy-related sickness. However, before she is able to receive the statutory sick pay, a woman will need to satisfy some criteria. However, an employer needs to know that he or she cannot favor the woman when it comes to sick pay and that she needs to be treated as same as everybody else who is not coming to work because of some illness. However, a sickness which is related to pregnancy should be recorder separately from all other kinds of ailment. A good employer should make sure that all the necessary steps are taken in order for the woman who is pregnant to be protected from any dangers to her health and safety. Risk assessment needs to be done. If these steps are not taken, the pregnant woman may need to take sick leave in order not to be harmed. An employer even risks sex discrimination if he or she does nothing. It is important that the employer does not discriminate against the pregnant woman and dismiss her for any reason that might be related to the pregnancy. People should know that this also includes pregnancy-related sickness absence.

Pregnancy-related sickness in the four weeks before the expected week of childbirth

The maternity leave of a woman who is pregnant will start the next day after the absence if she is not at work because of a pregnancy-related sickness. This only relates to the last four weeks of the pregnancy. However, the employer and the employee may reach some other agreement. An employee is in obligation to notice the employer about the situation as soon as is reasonably practicable. Those women who are eligible to receive statutory maternity pay will start receiving it the first day after being absent.

Sickness during maternity leave

An employee needs to know that she is not eligible to statutory sick pay in the first 39 week maternity pay period. A woman will become eligible after the maternity pay period and if she satisfies a certain criteria. A woman needs to know that she cannot go back on maternity leave once she is well again. The status is the same for both a pregnant woman and the one on maternity leave.

Sickness at the end of maternity leave

In a case when a woman feels sick after coming back from maternity leave, she will follow a normal sickness procedure.

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