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It is not uncommon for men to produce small amounts of sperm these days. However, men need not worry all that much because there are ways a person can enhance his sperm production. The good thing is that it can be done quickly. People need not be concerned since these methods are safe and provide excellent results. Low sperm volume can have a bad influence on a relationship if the couple is trying to have a baby. People need to know that these methods will not make a person have more sperm over night. A person should follow several simple steps and he will increase his sperm volume. These steps should be taken at home. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that proteins, minerals, vitamins and simple water have a positive effect on the sperm volume.

Nuts and seeds

People who suffer from low sperm volume should know that eating various types of seeds and nuts they will actually help their system to create more sperm. Experts agree that the best nuts and seeds for this situation are nuts from cashew, sunflower, almond and pumpkin among others. There is no special preparation, a person should purchase these nuts and eat them. They can be eaten anywhere.


In order to help his body to create more sperm a person should make some changes in his diet. The first step towards more sperm production is the inclusion of fruits and vegetables. A person should eat these as much as possible. Apart from fruits and vegetables a person should drink a lot of water because dehydration influences the amount of sperm a person will be able to produce. On the other hand, men should avoid consuming hot and zesty foods.


There are even certain herbs a person can use in order to be able to produce more sperm. Such herbs are Khinoor gold, shilajit and ashwaghanda.Apart from aiding in the process of sperm production, shilajit is also good for sexual performance. People are familiar with the benefits of this herb for quite some time now. In addition to this, shilajit also reduces the aging period.Ashwaghanda has also been in use for some years now by the men who need to increase the amount of sperm. Apart from that, this herb can also be used as a pain reliever as well.Kohinoor gold is actually a mixture of various types of herbs that all enhance the quality and quantity of sperm.It usually takes about four months in order for the sperm volume to increase.

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