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Depo Provera is a injectable form of birth control, that works in a way similar to the contraceptive pill. It has a clear edge over the pill though women who have depo Provera only need to get shots every three months, and don't have to think about taking a pill every single day.

That is also where its downside lies: "effective for at least three months" can be rather frustrating when you are thinking about having a baby. When, exactly, can you start trying to conceive after depo Provera?

Because the manufacturer says that the birth control method is effective for a minimum of three months, it advises women to get a shot after that amount of time has passed. If you are trying for a baby, you could possibly be fertile again after three months. But, it may take a little longer as well.

This is something that couples who are making decisions about which birth control method is right for them should certainly take into consideration. There are stories floating around the net including a woman who commented on our blog who experienced this herself about women who found that depo Provera was a little too effective, and who took two years to be fertile again. If you are coming off depo Provera and starting the process of trying for a baby, this is something you may want to discuss with your gynecologist. In the meantime, there is certainly no harm in starting to try!

You can do the same things any woman who hopes to increase her chances of getting pregnant can do, including tracking your menstrual cycles and using an ovulation calendar and ovulation tests to verify whether you are ovulating.

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