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DHEA levels

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a steroid hormone, producedby adrenal gland. The brain and gonads also produce this hormone, while thekidneys are responsible for the excretion of DHEA. This hormone is produced inboth men and women. In the human organism it gets converted in some other hormones,usually in estrogen, testosterone and melatonin. If there happen to be a lowhormone (of almost every human hormone) level in the body, DHEA can beconverted in that hormone. Because of this property, DHEA is also known as themother hormone.

Under the usual circumstances there is plenty of DHEA in the blood. The normallevels of DHEA are considered to be 25 to 220mol/l (or 1.9 to 7.6ng/ml).

DHEA regulates many physiological functions of the body. Withoutit, we couldn’t survive,because it is responsible for cardiovascular health, HDL level (“good” cholesterol), immune system and energy level. DHEA maintainshealthy weight, prevents obesity and aging and improves your memory. This hormone is believed to block the growth of cancercells. In diseases such as, cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart problems,there is always low level of DHEA. Maintaining optimal level of DHEA is thereforecrucial for our health.


Older people have lower DHEA levels, since there is decrease of this hormonewith aging. Other causes of DHEA decrease might be over consumption of vitamin Cor exposure to massive electricity. Some severe diseases also have impact toDHEA and cause depletion of this hormone.

People experiencing low DHEA usually suffer from many healthproblems. Sometimes, there is unexplainable weight gain, constant tiredness,low libido and overall energy, pain in the joints, memory loss and mood swings.People with low DHEA experience reduced body hair, especially on the pubis,underarms and sometimes on the legs. Some of these patients may have problemswith clogged arteries.

Increase DHEA

There is a way to increase level of DHEA naturally. Exerciseregularly, maintain healthy lifestyle and be on a low calorie and omega 3 rich diet.Some specialists claim that low carbohydrate diet also benefits the DHEA level.Reduce everyday stress if you can and take adequate amount of sleep.

There are some synthetic DHEA, used as supplements. These include:Fidelin, Fluasterone, Prastera and Prasterone. They are available as tablets,capsules or injections and the dose vary from 15 to 50mg per day. These productsare not safe to be used because they could abnormally raise DHEA levels, andcause serious health consequences. Synthetic DHEA may cause heart problems, andtherefore these OTC products should not be used without the consultation withyour doctor.

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