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The normal levels of the serotonin in the body are very important for many brain functions and for memory, sleep, mood and appetite, as well as for body temperature, behavior, energy and the functions of the endocrine system. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter whose primary role is to transmit the nerve impulses from the brain to many parts in the body. This neurotransmitter has the great impacts on the human emotional life, since it affects many emotions. It is crucial to maintain the normal levels of this neurotransmitter in the body. Otherwise, low levels of serotonin may lead to depression and many other health problems.

Causes and symptoms of low levels of serotonin

Low serotonin can be inherited because there are certain genes that are responsible for the occurrence of this condition. On the other hand, low serotonin may also be acquired due to several reasons. One of the causes for this condition is a very long period of constant stress. Another reason that is responsible for the decreased level of serotonin is a poor and unhealthy diet without amino acids, vitamins and minerals. There are also cases when digestive disorders cause malabsorption of the vital nutrient, which has for the consequence the low level of serotonin.

Furthermore, insufficient exposure to sunlight, hormonal imbalance, particularly low progesterone levels in women, excessive consuming of alcohol and nicotine and drug abuse are also some of the causes for the occurrence this condition. It is also considered that exposure to toxic heavy metals, certain chemicals and plastics can lead to serotonin deficiency.

The main warning symptoms of this condition are sleep disorders, such as sleepiness, tiredness, fatigue and weakness. Furthermore, people with low serotonin levels may experience anxiety and depression, problems with concentration and memory, and low self-esteem. Moreover, constant urge for sugary foods, negative thoughts, irritability, panics and phobias are also some of the warning signs of the decreased levels of this neurotransmitter.

Increasing the level of serotonin

This condition is typically diagnosed only considering the symptoms. Many doctors usually prescribe serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac. These inhibitors can relieve the symptoms of this condition, but they cannot completely cure them. Sometimes synthesized serotonin is used in order to increase the amount of this neurotransmitter.

There are also certain natural remedies that can be very effective in treating this condition. For example, it is recommended to consume a healthy diet consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, mushrooms and walnuts. Furthermore, regular exercising, massages and yoga, as well as exposure to sunlight can be very beneficial in increasing the levels of serotonin.

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