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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can be found in the gastrointestinal tract and in the central nervous system, aswell as in the platelets. The animals and the humans have this neurotransmitterand since it is regarded to be responsible for the feeling of the well-being inevery individual, it is often called the happiness hormone.

The enterochromaffin cells that arein the gut contain the largest amounts of the serotonin, which is utilized for controllingthe movements of the intestines. Serotonin has many other roles in our organism, like regulation of sleep and moods, as well as muscle function, appetite, memoryand learning. Several studies have been conductedand they all showed that this neurotransmitter can be found in plants and evenfungi.

When there are low levels of serotoninin the body, the person becomes aggressive and depressed. The women tend toproduce lower amounts of this hormone than men and for that reason, they become more easily depressed than men. When it comes to the importance of serotonin for our general health, it is very important to increase its levels and there areseveral natural ways in which it can be done without any side effect.

Increasing serotonin naturally

The main consequence of serotonindeficiency is depression, which is widely spread and affects millions of peopleworldwide. It is more effective to increase the levels of this neurotransmitter naturallythan artificially with many medications, since the levels of serotonin stayelevated for a long period of time and not only momentarily.

If we want to increase the levels ofserotonin, it is recommended to eat foods rich in proteins since the proteinscontain amino acid called tryptophan, which first transforms into 5-Hydroxytryptophanand then into serotonin. The foods rich in protein are turkey, nuts, meatand dairy products.Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid consuming fad diets, which are high insugar and low in protein. On the other side, vitamins, proteins and mineralsshould be included in everyday diet.Serotonin levels may also be elevated by exercising at least 20 minutesevery day. It is proven that those people who exercise regularly rarely sufferfrom serotonin depletion.One of the natural ways to boost the production of serotonin is to spendmore time exposed to the sun. Whenever the sunshine is outdoors, it is recommendedto spend at least 20 minutes out and the levels of the serotonin will beincreased.

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