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Human Growth Hormone Overview

Synthetic human growth hormone is nowadays becoming increasingly popular as it can supposedly slow down the aging process and improve many health conditions. In young people, this hormone is naturally supplied by the pituitary gland in the adequate amount. Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for vitality, energy and other health benefits associated with youth. In childhood, human growth hormone controls the growth. In adults it plays important role in metabolism. The hormone stimulates cell replacement, tissue repair, functions of the brain and enzymes. However, in middle age, production of human growth hormone starts to decrease, consequently leading to decrease in the metabolic rate and other symptoms of aging.

Scientists have managed to produce synthetic human growth hormone that can help to increase levels of the hormone in the body and reverse many effects of aging. Numerous clinical trials have proven the benefits of synthetic human hormone growth. It has been observed that synthetic HGH can help to increase the muscle mass and bone density, decrease body fat and reduce wrinkles. These studies are mainly responsible for great public interest in a human growth hormone as a tool to fight aging.

However, synthetic human growth hormone is approved to treat true growth hormone deficiency as well as AIDS or HIV- related muscle waste. Still, many people use growth hormone supplements and even prescription HGH injections for body building and anti-aging purposes. Many do not take into account that such therapy is not recommended for people who have not HGH deficiency because it may seriously affect overall health.

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone

Side effects of human growth hormone range from mild problems such as joint pain and water retention to serious health problems like high blood pressure and hypoglycemia. Acromegaly, a condition characterized by overgrowth of bones and cartilage is also a side effect of human growth hormone. People who use synthetic HGH for purposes other than correcting growth hormone deficiency, may experience long-term problems. This includes serious hypertension, chronic pain and swelling in the joints, significant fluid retention and abnormal growth of bones in the face which can cause coarse prominent features.

Prolonged use of synthetic HGH is associated with even more serious adverse effects such as a high risk of diabetes, abnormal heart beat, deformities of the face and joints. Also, the pituitary gland may stop releasing natural growth hormone.

In general, minor side effects of HGH occur due to abuse of over-the-counter HGH supplements. Serious side effects of growth hormone are caused by excessive or prolonged use of injectable HGH. Abrupt discontinuation of HGH can lead to liver damage so the dosage must be gradually reduced.

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