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Stretch Marks - Overview

Stretch marks are ugly and unappealing skin changes which develop as a consequence of overstretching of the skin. The actual cause of stretch marks is tearing of the dermis. This commonly occurs due to rapid stretching of the skin which is associated with growth in puberty or weight gain (pregnancy, muscle building and rapid gain of fat). In some cases the occurrence of stretch marks is related to certain medical conditions (Cushing's disease).

The thighs are only one part of the body which can be affected with stretch marks. Actually, this is considered one of the most common places for stretch marks. It may be difficult to completely get rid of the stretch marks but there are several methods and treatments which can effectively make them look less noticeable. Large stretch marks are hard to treat.

How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks on Thighs?

The best thing one can do is to prevent stretch marks from forming. For example, stretch marks on thighs can be prevented if one maintains healthy weight and avoids excessive intake of calories which may lead to rapid weight gain and the formation of stretch marks. Women, in many cases, gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. This is why their skin should be moisturized properly and if it is maintained hydrated it will be more elastic and less susceptible to stretch marks. Moisturizing of the skin is achieved with many cosmetic products. In some cases (such as Cushing's disease) the formation of stretch marks may not be simple to be prevented and there is only one option left - an attempt for them to be reduced and become less noticeable.

Stretch marks on the thighs, as well as on the other parts of the body may become less visible if they are treated with laser and light therapy. These treatments are performed by a well experienced doctor. The treatment is generally performed for red to purple stretch marks. The very treatment breaks down the scar tissue and promotes production of collagen. In case of white to silver stretch marks laser therapy induces production of melanin.

Chemical peels are more radical treatment for stretch marks on the thighs. They are performed by a well experienced dermatologist. The very treatment includes application of a liquid solution directly onto the stretch mark. The solution burns the superficial layer of the stretch mark and the new layer is created. This treatment is only effective on superficial stretch marks. And there is one more option for stretch marks on the thighs - exfoliation. There are many exfoliating products available. After the skin has been treated with an exfoliant it needs to be well moisturized.

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