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Stretch marks can be very unsightly and embarrassing at times.They are dark marks on the skin in areas where the skin has been stretched,which usually result from weight gain, but sometimes as well as from musclesexpanding from serious weightlifting training.

They can occur when a person rapidly loses or gains weight,and they are seen on pregnant women often.

Stretch marks are actually small scars that are locatedunder the skin’s surface.

It can be very difficult to remove stretch marks withouthaving to resort to surgery, especially if the scars are very large and deep.

Some creams and lotions can work for smaller stretch marks,but the best way to remove serious ones is with surgery.

When the skin is stretched a lot and then the weight isremoved, there will be folds left on the body. Surgery can permanently removestretch marks that are cause by such conditions. The so-called “tummy tuck” orabdominoplasty is the most used procedure for getting rid of stretch marks. Itis important to remember that most of the time, the surgery is considered acosmetic one, which means that insurance will not be paying for it, so it isimportant to see that you have enough money for the procedure before schedulingit.

It essentially stretches the skin back to a taut position andeffectively removes flabby or hanging skin that can be wrinkled and unattractive.

An incision is made below the belly button in order to makethe scaring from the procedure less noticeable. The procedure is fairly lengthyand may take in between two and five hours.

However, not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. It isbest suited for people who do not have any other health problems, because thestrains of the surgery might not be handled well by people who havepreexisting health conditions. Sometimes, if the weight cannot be lostnaturally, people will first schedule a liposuction procedure to remove excessfat and then the tummy tuck to tighten up the skin from where the fat wasextracted.

Considerable pain is to be expected after the surgery, alongwith a long healing process. It is very important to avoid strenuous physicalactivities and heavy lifting in order to let the muscles and skin heal.

After everything has healed, it is important to keep theskin moisturized and healthy. Most importantly, the person must focus onleading a healthier lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and regularexercise, so that the weight and stretch marks do not return.

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