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Cocoa ButterFacts

Cocoa butter,theobroma and theobroma cacao are all the same thing. It is obtained from thecacao beans, and they can be whole beans or cocoa liquor (some call it alsochocolate liquor). Pressing the cacao liquor, manufacturers are able to separatecacao solids and get cacao butter. Ground cacao beans, however, need to undergoa process known as Broma process, during which cacao butter is extracted fromthe beans of cacao.

Describingcocoa butter, one can surely say it has a mild flavor, resembling the chocolate.In some cases it has to be deodorized to remove the taste, because some find itstrong and unpleasant. Also, this pale yellow substance is not either hard orsoft, but more semi solid, looking like the milk butter you can find insupermarkets.

Thissubstance is often found as the important ingredient in chocolates, bakedgoods, cosmetics, ointments and other pharmaceuticals. Using cocoa butter iswelcomed in many cases when there is a problem with the skin.

Can You HealScars with Cocoa Butter

Yes. Scientists,doctors and patients are unanimous – you can get rid of scars using thisvegetable fat extract. Cocoa butter is found to help many people experiencingscars, especially those having problems with scars on visible places such asface and the hands.

As primitivecosmetic, cocoa butter is used for a very long time, either as the beautyingredient or as a part of certain ointments and creams. You won’t see manypeople using cocoa butter directly on the skin, but plenty will take theproduct containing this ingredient and knowing it will be good for theirskin.

Be carefulwhen using cocoa butter for the first time and check if you are allergic to it.Some people may be sensitive to the agents present in the butter and experienceskin reactions.

For scars,cocoa butter is useful in several ways. It is able to moisturize the skin, helpingit to re-grow and protecting it from bad weather. Cocoa butter will match thescarred tissue color with the rest of your skin, and even more than that, itwill make the tissue of scars look exactly like your skin, having the same toneand texture. Once the scar healed, you can also use cocoa butter, to preventfurther weather damage to the sensitive skin on and around the scar.

For anyscars on the face, women can also use cocoa butter. Besides used as the remedy,small amounts of the cocoa butter can be an inexpensive and yet very goodnatural make up.

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