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Keloids are scars on the skin. Their name is derived from the Greek word chele, meaning crab’s claw, since they may be large and quite disfiguring. Some people may also develop itchy or painful keloids and both dermatologists and surgeons may have trouble dealing with these skin lesions.

Treatment options for these severe scars may include different creams which should help people dealing with the problem. Most of such creams are advertised to decrease the visibility and severity of keloid scars. Topical creams are not the best treatment there is, but most people who look for a more conservative way to deal with their scars tend to choose them. Other treatment options for keloid scars include corticosteroids, different surgical procedures, cryosurgery or even radiation therapy or laser treatments.Can Creams remove Keloids?

Many available treatments carry certain risks to patients suffering from keloid scars. Surgical excision of these scars may result in recurrence of the lesions. In some people, the new keloids may even look much worse than the old ones. Keloid removal creams do not have such side effects and, therefore, many people believe that these are much better solution than any surgical procedure designed to remove such scars.

Although people expect a lot from these products, efficiency of topical creams for keloid removal is usually doubtful or in best possible scenario limited. The best effects are seen on fresh and small keloid scars and these scars can be successfully treated. Over a period of time, keloid scars usually become hard and firm and it is not easy to deal with them.

Keloid removal creams are also much cheaper than other treatments for keloids, including surgical removal of these scars. People with keloids are usually very disturbed with their scars and most of them are prepared to do almost anything to get rid of them. Perhaps because of that many topical creams for keloid removal are still on the market, although they do not do much for these patients. Many times, gels and creams designed to remove such scars or make them less visible do not make any difference, so make sure to ask your dermatologist for the advice about the best cream for your case.What Keloid Creams Contain?

Keloid removal creams and gels usually contain some agents which lighten the skin and make the scar less visible. When choosing the cream for your keloids, opt for products which contain vitamin E and some other active ingredients able to actually work on your scars.

Another potentially useful substance is imiquimod, recommended by some medical specialists. The same ingredient has already been used to treat warts and some skin cancers, but in order to use it, you must get a prescription from your dermatologist.

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