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Reasons Behind and Manifestation of Garlic Breath

Garlic breath is a name for the eponymous phenomenon. Namely, once you consume this spice cherished by many, you can be in danger of letting all the people who you talk to afterwards know what you have been eating beforehand. This places one in a highly uncomfortable situation and thus people usually avoid garlic in order to avoid the side-effect of its consumption. However, this foul smell in mouth can be bypassed. Before one can deal with garlic breath, he or she needs to know what causes it and how.

First of all, garlic is an extremely healthy and vitamin rich spice. It is a very good addition to everybody's diet. Nevertheless, it contains specific gas inside of itself which, when we consume it, gets in our blood, metabolism and, eventually, lungs. Subsequently, it gets expelled through our respiratory system and the pores on our skin. Therefore, one may be exposed to garlic breath and even “garlic smell” for a period of two days.

How to Save Yourself and Others form Garlic Breath

You do not need to stop eating garlic just because it makes your breath smell uncomfortable. Moreover, the benefits are too many to be sacrificed for just one small flaw. Rather, you should try to eliminate the bad breath while keeping garlic safe in your regular diet and recipes.

You will be happy to know that numerous plants can negate the garlic effect. First of all, there is mint. You can either chew the leaves of this herb, or settle for a chewing gum as well as some sweets with mint flavor in order to completely negate the garlic acid causing the smell. Cloves, cucumbers and carrots have the same effect. Additionally, drinking wine or lemon juice can help you get rid of the unpleasant odor in no time. Finally, brushing your teeth and your tongue after eating garlic helps greatly in smell suppression. What you do not want to do is eat or drink something hot since warmth will only amplify the troublesome smell.

Additional Recipes and Tips

Since, some people dislike the smell garlic leaves on their hands when they prepare a meal with this spice, they will be happy to know that there is a cure. Rub either lemon juice, alcohol or perfume on your hands and wash them with water and baking soda mixture. This will most certainly remove the odor from your hands. Additionally, rubbing your hands against stainless steel has been proven to help.

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