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Acne on the back

Acne on the back, oras they are sometimes wittily referred to as the “bacne”, most frequently occuron the person’s back, upper arms, as well as the person’s buttocks. They appearas a direct consequence of the clogging of skin pores in the above mentionedareas of the body. The clogging itself occurs once the excessive quantities ofthe sebum get produced, which happens as a direct result of the hyperactivesebaceous glands. And in most cases, this coincides exactly with that moment intime when a person is determined to start caring much more about his/her looks.It figures. The period referred to is, of course, the puberty.

Once the skin poresget blocked by too great quantities of oil, i.e. the sebum, those skin cellsthat have no life in them anymore, somehow, also get stuck at that very sameplace. And it is exactly that this kind of havoc makes the perfect calling cardfor bacteria to come into play. The next thing you know it, you are stuck with acne outbreak.

One aggravatingcircumstance directly related to bacne is the fact that they tend to appear exactlyin the part of the body that is by far the one with most sebaceous glands,thus making this condition far more serious than when it occurs on other partsof the person’s body. In addition, the skin on the back is also much thicker andthis only makes the treatment much harder and more difficult to perform withutmost success. Having the culprits in mind, it is unfortunately still unclearas to whether bacne appear due to excess of stress, genetic predispositions orhormones. It might be each and every one of them, and it might as well be none of them.Whichever way it goes, no substantial evidence have yet been discovered.

How to break freefrom bacne?

One of the mosteffective ways to get rid of them is by washing regularly and by employing avariety of anti-bacterial soaps that best suits your skin and your needs. Dothe washing up at least twice a day, but do not exaggerate since this can leadto unwanted skin irritation. In addition, the moment you finish up with anyphysical activity, it is essential to hit the shower and put an end to excessiveperspiration. Furthermore, daily exfoliation is regarded as another essentialprerequisite for keeping bacne at bay.

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