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How to get pregnant after stopping the use of depo Provera, the injectable birth control method, is a very common question. Women who have just stopped receiving injections and would like to get pregnant as soon as possible may wonder what that "effective for at least three months" really means, and when they will regain their fertility. The answer to this question is a rather difficult one. Women who have stopped using depo Provera will, of course, hope that depo will have worn off after three months, and that their cycles, complete with ovulation, will normalize right away. This can happen, but there is no way to predict in advance how soon the effects of depo Provera will wear off. The injectable birth control pill, unfortunately for those who are trying to get pregnant after stopping its use, has a tendency to be a little too effective.

Women who used depo and then tried to get pregnant have contacted us before, to tell us that it took them much longer to conceive than they would have expected. Some women even say that depo Provera can stay effective for a full two years before ovulation returns. If you are hoping to find out whether you are fertile, we recommend you keep a detailed journal of your cycle. Note when you have periods, and use an ovulation calendar to find out when you should be ovulating. Then, throw in ovulation tests to ascertain whether you are in fact ovulating. Seeing your gynecologist or family planning clinic to discuss how to get pregnant after depo Provera is another option you might like to consider. They will not be able to do much to help your fertility return, but may well be able to give you more definite answers on the topic.

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