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Hormonal birth control methods come in many shapes and forms these days gone are the days when the contraceptive pill was the only option! Depo Provera is another form of hormonal birth control, that has become more popular recently. How does depo Provera work, and what are the pros and cons of this pregnancy prevention technique? Let's take a look!

Depo Provera is administered through an injection into the upper arm, or sometimes the buttocks. Some have even called it "the injectable pill", and that is not completely inaccurate! Depo Provera uses something similar to the hormone progesterone to prevent ovulation from taking place. When no eggs are released from the fallopian tubes, pregnancy is prevented. Pregnancy can be prevented for up to three months with depo Provera, according to the manufacturer. The injection has to be given within five days of the start of a menstrual period for it to be effective. So, just how well does depo Provera work?

Research shows that it is more effective than many birth control pills. One of its biggest advantages is without a doubt the fact that women do not have to take it every day, like the pill. Perhaps part of the reason why depo Provera was found to be more successful in preventing pregnancy is that many women actually use the pill incorrectly. The one thing that is confusing is that depo Provera is supposed to be effective for "up to three months". That means it could work for less than three months, too? And how do you know how long it will work for you? Side effects are similar to those of the pill. They include possible weight gain, nausea, and abdominal pain or cramps. Menstrual periods can also be altered by depo Provera and they can either increase or decrease, or stop altogether.

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