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Most of the articles on SteadyHealth are dedicated to how to get pregnant, but preventing pregnancy when you don't want a baby is just as important. Whether you are looking for a reliable birth control method and have no kids (yet), want to know how to prevent pregnancy safely after giving birth and while breastfeeding, or are after a permanent contraceptive, here is a list of options for you.

Natural Family Planning is a natural birth control method that is endorsed by the Catholic Church in cases where families have serious reasons for not wanting to get pregnant for some periods of time. It is also known as charting to avoid, and involves knowing when you are fertile through taking your basal body temperature, and then avoiding intercourse during that period. Condoms enough said, you know what they are! Condoms are suitable for the postpartum period and during breastfeeding, as they don't contain hormones. They are very reliable and prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. The birth control pill is a very popular method. Not all pills are safe during breastfeeding, and some women suffer from side effects while taking them. The Mirena coil is a a t-shaped intrauterine device that also emits hormones to prevent pregnancy. It offers double protection in the sense that the coil itself works towards preventing pregnancy, as well as the hormones contained in it. Depo Provera is an injectable contraceptive. It works for at least three months. Because it can work for longer than that and causes problems getting pregnant for some women, this method is not suitable for women who want to get pregnant in the next year. Are these all the hormonal birth control methods you could think of? There is also NuvaRing, a hormone-emitting silicone ring that is inserted into the vagina for up to three weeks. It works in a similar way to the pill, but without the oral use. A diaphragm is a contraceptive method that has been in use for about 100 years now. It is essentially a physical barrier placed on the cervix to prevent semen from reaching eggs. Nowadays, it is used in combination with spermicide. Essure and Adiana are two permanent birth control methods that work by blocking the fallopian tubes. Small inserts are placed, after which tissue will grow around those. Other permanent methods are a tubal ligation, for women, or a vasectomy for men. These are surgical procedures that permanently prevent pregnancy. Just for the sake of it, we thought we out to mention it: abstinence is another option to prevent pregnancy. Perhaps it is the only truly reliable one.

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