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Millions of women use the birth control pill, and I think it would be safe to assume that a large part of the female population trying to conceive has just come off the pill. Getting pregnant after the birth control pill raises some questions. Does the pill affect your fertility? Is there any reason not to get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill? Can pill use affect your baby? Let's break these questions down.

Does the pill affect your fertility?

The answer for most women who just stopped using the pill to start trying for a baby is, no. The answer is the same for women who don't want to get pregnant, but forget a pill, as most people know I would say a large number of surprise pregnancies is due to not using the contraceptive pill properly, though it is possible to conceive even if you take the pill correctly. All of this means that the majority of women will be fertile right away, after trashing their birth control pill.

Is there any reason not to get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill?

That depends whom you ask. Women's cycles are often unpredictable after using the pill and not everyone ovulates during their first post-pill cycles. If you do conceive just after quitting birth control, it can be very difficult to determine the date of conception, and therefore your due date. Less reliable methods like ultrasound and fundal height will have to be used to determine your due date. This is the reason most doctors and midwives normally recommend waiting until you get at least one period until you start trying to get pregnant.

Can pill use affect your baby?

Many women are worried about side effects of the pill, and how their pill use could affect them and their babies. Some studies indeed linked continued pill use in women who did not know they were pregnant to a higher risk of miscarriage, but those studies have been largely discredited now. If you do happen to be among those women who got lucky and conceived right after stopping the pill, there are no known risks to your baby because of this, and you don't need to worry.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Do you have any other questions about pregnancy after the contraceptive pill? If you leave a comment with the question you would like to see answered, I will do my best to answer it for you!

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