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Have you been prescribed Clomid after trying to get pregnant for a long time? Perhaps, you are not ovulating or perhaps you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. In this situation, the question "how to get pregnant fast with Clomid" is very understandable. What can you do to encourage conception, beside taking Clomid?

The first tip is obvious take the dosage of Clomid your doctor prescribed exactly as directed, on the days you were told to take it. On a typical Clomid cycle, this may mean to use Clomid on days three through seven, or day five to nine. Do not take more or less of your medication than you were told, and do not take it for longer than your doctor said. Of course, sexual intercourse is the way to pregnancy.

But don't be tempted to have intercourse every single day, or even multiple times daily. Men who ejaculate too often end up with lower sperm counts, which lowers the chance of getting pregnant. Talk to your doctor about when to do the deed. Typically, it would be good to have sex every other day starting on day seven of your cycle. Women taking fertility medications benefit from healthy lifestyles to get pregnant, just like any other woman hoping for a baby.

Take care of your body and your health by eating a good and balanced diet, avoiding alcohol, fast food, and cigarettes, and exercise regularly. Also take folic acid supplements, which have been shown to help prevent birth defects once you do get pregnant. Finally, take care of your emotional needs as well as your physical needs. Talk about the stress and hopes you are experiencing as a result of taking Clomid either with friends, your partner, a psychologist, or you could write about your feelings in a journal. Practice meditation techniques or other stress relief methods that you feel comfortable with.

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